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by Janice fox-henley
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Working to cure Anxiety.

Curing Anxiety?

Anxiety In A Jar

Anxiety is a strange animal for it can show itself in varied forms and symptoms, but we want to be curing anxiety whenever possible. For some a product of extreme stress or tension, while for others a disorder (Social Anxiety Disorder), and for some a true biological disease.

There is a type of severe diagnosed anxiety caused by extreme stress, grief, or disaster. Here we get PTSD and Complex-PTSD.  A really destructive and even lethal form of anxiety at its’ worst. It must be diagnosed and treated with medication and therapy with all due diligence.

Traumatizing at its worst during Natural or Social Disasters, such as Hurricanes or War, respectively; nonetheless, General or Common Anxiety is not Biological and may be cured! Even if is accompanied by Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks!

Again, let me remind! An educated professional needs to diagnose the Type of Anxiety with which you are coping when you are ready to get help! Then you will know how to proceed to get the correct help to relieve the symptoms and even accept curing your anxiety!

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Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

Some of these children are diagnosed as children and some are not. SAD is a form of Autism. I was surprised to learn this, but it is believed by physicians.

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) means just that. You do not socially adjust with others because you disbelieve your worthiness to receive love and affection or give the same in kind. You have an inborn doubt that is not your fault, this is the way you were born for it is a disorder.

Social Anxiety Disorder Autism


Social Anxiety Disorder Child

My first memory as a SAD child at the age of four was in kindergarten.  Time for ‘Show and Tell’ with our toys and it was my turn. I walked to the front of the class on frozen feet with my breakfast in my throat. When I looked over the sea of faces the room swam and I was sick!

The teacher took me outside in the fresh air and spoke in a calm voice. It was the best thing she could have done. We didn’t know what was wrong with me, no one had heard of anxiety or panic attacks in the early 1950’s. It was the first of many times I tried to be in front of the class and give a book or class report but was unable to do so.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Another anxiety that is caused by an imbalance of chemicals in a person’s brain is becoming more understood and diagnosed correctly. This type of anxiety has to be medicated for the medical professional is balancing chemicals in the brain. This type is a true biological disorder.

Feelings of Unworthiness

It is true, a person with SAD never truly believes they are loved, due to the fact they do not see any reason why anyone would love them. They see themselves at fault all of the time, and unworthy of affection or love. Remember, it is their illness that makes it extremely difficult for a SAD person to learn to receive love and approval without rejection.

You must remember in a relationship with a SAD person, it is not that you are being doubted as able to love. The Social Anxiety Disorder person cannot believe they can be loved or approved of by someone they consider valuable. So, no matter how hard they will actively or passively reach out for this love and approval, they can’t accept it once offered. I have learned we can be taught to accept love with kindness and patience!


SAD Child Thinks It Is Their Fault

If you have a SAD child, help them with their inward prompt to accept blame for everything by helping them accept responsibility for only the one thing they had any control over that day… They become so burdened by all their presumed faults they accept responsibility for none of their real ones.

By the same rule of thought help your child to learn they are not at fault for everything happening around them. Many times professional therapy is needed here.

Curing Anxiety of Bipolar

To finish, I wrote I would say more about the Anxiety requiring medication by a medical professional. Curing Anxiety resulting from the mania or agitated depression of Bipolar is usually not considered probable due to the fact this is a medical illness. There is a chemical imbalance in the person’s body, so a lifetime of bloodwork and a balance of medication and therapy are needed.

Aromatherapy represented by an image of a woman's face in a handful of lavender.
Helps in Curing the symptomsof Anxiety.

Aromatherapy Is Not Expensive! Freshwater for most of us is not expensive and plentiful and these provide a measure of relief! Besides the talk therapy which can be extremely valuable, depending on the provider, the first two suggestions offered are deep breathing exercises and meditation! Most people can learn all of these.

Plain Good Free Advice!

There are people who offer learned advice at and they don’t charge you anything! There will be real advice from anxiety experts about diet, exercise, therapy, sleep, and more…

Panic Away Curing Anxiety

Panic Away is an extremely brilliant product for ending common Anxiety and the Anxiety and Panic Attacks that will accompany it! I want to endorse Panic Away as the best product I have tried for curing common Anxiety!

Find More Information Here PANIC AWAY

I am not a medical professional so I cannot diagnose, treat, or do anything but write about my life and story with anxiety for informational purposes. I am sixty-eight years old and I have coped with different types of anxiety all of my life.

Please Leave me Your Comment or Question!

Janice Fox-Henley.AnxietyReliefCoach

29 Replies to “CURING ANXIETY”

  1. Thanks for writing this post,  I have suffered from anxiety ever since I was a child and within that includes social anxiety. I have really struggled when it comes to going outside and socializing with others and when I do so it brings discomfort to myself.

    I do want to slowly get better and at some stage eliminate this anxiety, I might give that product ago it seems like a great solution


    1. Greetings Josh, Thank you for reading my post and finding value in it! 
      When you try Panic Away be sure and apply yourself whole-heartedly! Half duty measures will only produce half of the results you want! 

      Email Barry Joe McDonagh and tell him if your home is your only comfort zone! He will advise you if you do!
      Email me if you think I can help! Janice??

  2. I really love this article, my sister is suffering from anxiety and depression. I am her only friend, and I really feel for her.

    Sometimes it’s really hard to take care of her…

    Reading this really helps with everything, understanding anxiety and depression more and more and that’s how I can cope with her.

    Thanks for everything, I will bookmark this website. 

    1. Greetings Isaac, I intend for all my Readers to find help concerning all Types of Anxiety at CURING ANXIETY and I am so grateful you did! This website will always try to be worthy of being read by Readers who come looking for help! 

      I don’t know your culture or circumstances, but your sister needs to be diagnosed by a medical professional of your choice.

      If this is not possible she has the #1 thing all Anxiety sufferers need, and that is someone that truly loves them and understands them!

      God Bless you both! Please let me hear from you again! Janice 2019??

  3. There are definitely varying degrees of anxieties that people encounter, and furthermore I believe EVERYONE experiences it in some way or another during their lifetime.

    For example one of my parents neighbors has been having panic attacks due to being overstressed. My mom has been the one that their neighbor has leaned on and it’s amazing how much she has helped.

    From listening I understand that you literally never know when they might occur. It’s definitely a very scary thing, and I’m glad I don’t experience them to a severe degree.

    I’m going to actually recommend Panic Away because maybe it’s something that could really help!

    1. Greetings Josh, Thank you for your comments! Very insightful of you to realize your neighbor may be coping with Stress related Common or General Anxiety. These are only two of the many Types of Anxiety. It needs to be diagnosed by a competent medical professional in case it is Social Anxiety Disorder(SAD) or General Anxiety Disorder(GAD). There I have named four different Types of Anxiety, and there are several more!

      You’re right! Panic Away does help! From the beginning, the Free Audio calms and distracts your anxious mind!
      Let me hear from you about the success you see from it, please! Janice 2019??

  4. Hello Janice! Thank you for putting things into perspective. Identifying a SAD child will help us to treat him according to his condition. We may be dealing with him as a normal child, and certain adjustments must be made. He’ll be grateful to us and we’ll be helping him.

    And I must thank you for your very helpful post!

    1. Greetings Henry, Your response breaks my heart to think another child is in this horrific place in his mind! And it lifts my soul to know a parent is willing to respond as a SAD child needs him to be there with love!

      May you find competent medical professionals for diagnosis and care. Love is always the primary medication. Janice 2019 ❤?

  5. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Unfortunately, I have a child who suffers from anxiety and I know how hard it is for me and my wife to fight with that but we must. She is 14 years old and I think that those teeny years are very important for our kids so parents should talk to their children. I did not talk with my daughter, I was thinking everything is alright but the problem was there. I am now more with my daughter and I can say that talk is the most effective cure.

    1. Greetings Daniel, Thank you for reading and finding value in the article. All I ask is that it shows some parents how to cling to their SAD children and love them. To find those children harmed by a Natural or Social Disaster is the General Anxiety with Anxiety and Panic Attacks given to some to deal with their whole lives! Then there is Common Anxiety with Panic Attacks resulting from Stress building horribly over time or quickly. Children have this, too! 

      Since SAD is a Disorder and an illness, it takes a competent, skilled, medical professional to diagnose with which Type of Anxiety a Child or Adult is coping! Once diagnosed, treatment and care will soon begin in earnest I would hope! Please let me know how your daughter is in six months, for I am most interested now in her welfare! Janice 2019 ??

  6. Hi Janice, it is always the best to learn how to heal anxiety from the experienced person. I am glad that you have overcome the anxiety. It’s quite sad to learn that Social Anxiety Disorder persons cannot believe they can be loved or approved of by someone they consider valuable, especially SAD children. I agree that parents and people around could help them through understanding and be patience on them. It takes time to heal by psychological therapy, together with exercise, healthy diet, and healthy sleep. Anxiety could affect overall health. 

    Thanks for the good post. It is very informative. I will forward to my friends.

    1. Hello Taviwan, I am pleased you have a clear understanding of the true sadness of Social Anxiety Disorder people. No matter their age they need the same comfort from enlightened family, friends, and medical professionals. This comfort would be miraculous in its results if given properly to the SAD sufferers!

      Your opinion that SAD causes physical health problems is spot on! Everything you list is needed in the care of a SAD patient. Social Anxiety Disorder is not Common or General Anxiety, and must be treated differently. SAD needs to be diagnosed by a skilled medical professional!

      Thank you for your comment, Taviwan! I appreciate how insightful you are! Janice 2019 ??

  7. I can relate to what happened to you, though with me it was at a later age, suppose about thirteen or so, when I had to present my house in front of my class and ended up having to do it a second time because the first time I just completely blacked out and was unable to speak at all. 

    The teacher was very understanding and she basically told me to sit down and
    try again after the other kids. That time I did it calmly and really smashed it. Seems like a recurring theme here with students blacking out and teachers calming them down.

    It’s to do with being caught off guard I suppose? Another time something similar happened was when I once kept stammering and couldn’t answer when after a conversation an old and respected man from my community simply asked my name, though to be honest I was tired and didn’t have enough sleep the night before. 

    1. Faheem, You approach the times you have had a problem as such a reasoning person! I commend your ability to recover and rise above the torment of the anxiety. I don’t know how old you are, but I had to obtain my fifties before I found decisive answers for anxiety! The Panic Away program leads to quicker help for General Anxiety than anything else I have seen! Thank you for your input, I am sure many people will find it valuable! Janice  2019😊🌷 

  8. This is a very engaging discourse here and I really find it very interesting. There are various levels of anxiety disorders but identifying them is always a problem because most tend to deny it. I was once a SAD patient, at first I thought it was normal for me to be shy in public and while engaging in some acts, but later on I started feeling very inferior among my mates and also in public, I do feel unwanted a lot. It was such a bad feeling and a sad one too. 

    1. Greetings RoDarrick,
      Welcome to my site and I’m thrilled for your Comments and to see your understanding of this animal we call ‘Anxiety’!
      With ‘SAD thinking’, doesn’t it amaze you to watch other people, who feel perfectly free to go anywhere they want feeling they are welcome? This always startles me, but others don’t even flinch!
      With our differences, I find it better to consider my mind an extraordinary puzzle I have to solve in only one lifetime! To me, the sadness loses a lot of its bite when you find out WHY you feel this way!
      I don’t know how old you are but I care and can tell you’re ready to understand and reach a good place yourself! How is your Depression now compared to a year ago? If you’re not ready I understand, but if you can, Email Me.
      Janice 2019 ??

  9. Hello Janice,

    Thank you for your article, I think it is very useful. In this modern time, there is a lot of people with some kind of anxiety and unfortunately, children are not excluded. Lucky people, who have no clue of what is this post about. People sometimes struggle with expectation fulfilling and this could cause longtime anxiety and sometimes depression too. Is very important for all the people, who know what anxiety is, to know how to help yourself quite fast as there is a lot of work waiting for us and it is simply not possible to hide for months in the house and wait until it gets better. That’s why is your post very helpful and thank you for that. I am looking forward to another one.

    Best regards


    1. Greetings Renata,

      I do so appreciate my Readers and am so pleased when you find information in a post that you consider useful!

      Be sure and give a look to Barry Donagh’s post here on this site, Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks! Barry understands that some Anxiety sufferers have trouble leaving their comfort zone! 

      Thank you for your comments and I hope to see you again!
      Janice 2019 🤗🌷 

  10. This article has broadened my knowledge so much on anxiety and how to cure it. Firstly I di not know that Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a form of Autism. I was also surprised to learn this. But I also know several people that are like this. You often wonder why there exert such awkwardness without even trying to put ourselves in their position or even try to understand what may have made them this way.

    It is a very emotional thing to find out that a “person with SAD never truly believes they are loved”. I do not want to imagine what that could possibly feel like. After being on this earth for 30 years I have been through quite some if I should say so myself. I have felt lonely, felt as if there was nothing in this world for, felt as if I wan nothing but a failure but at the end of the day I knew that no matter what I had my parents and siblings that loved me and would do anything or me. So, to imagine not being loved, as a person with SAD does, is most definitely heart-breaking. To feel that all bad things are your fault must be a very hard and threatening experience.

    But learning about ‘Panic Away’ has given me hope that people suffering from SAD can at least begin to heal. It may be hard, it may troubling but at least it is possible. So, I want to thank you for this knowledge as you have opened my eyes to a new paradigm of possibilities for so many people that are suffering.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Stacii,

      Thank you for your heart-warming and thoughtful comments! You definitely have a great command of the language, and know how to say what you are learning! Some people read that post time after time and do not understand the pain of a SAD person!

      I think that all people have some kind of Anxiety sooner or later in their lives. Then at some time, they will think they are the cause of a ‘disaster’ that happens which is not of their doing! Everyone will get a taste of these feelings, it is sad! But a Sad person is there for all of their life! 

      Only a competent, skilled, medical professional of the person’s choice could make a correct diagnosis! There are many Types of Anxiety. Common Anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorder are only two of them! 

      These two Types of Anxiety are different in several ways! First of all, one is a simple diagnosis, and the other is a disorder! 
      I will write more for you!
      Janice  2019   🤗🌷

  11. Thank you so much for writing such an informative post on Social Anxiety Disorder. I am happy for you that you finally know how to cope with it. I only experienced a panic attack only once in my life. Living in NYC is not easy and a panic attack is sort of a package and I did not enjoy that experience that at all, can’t imagine what that was like for you. Thank you so much for recommending the Panic Away and Social Advise. How would you know that the child is suffering from SAD though? We all get nervous when we speak in front of people but what do you think is the line that is not normal?

    1. Hello Nuttanee,

      Thank you for sharing your Comments and Questions with me! 
      Besides my own posts, I am sharing with my Readers some of Barry McDonagh’s Articles! 

      As there are many Types of Anxiety, with some designated incurable illnesses, and some not; be aware, there are as many Levels of Social Anxiety Disorder as there are patients!

      This is why I steadily teach that if a SAD diagnosis is suspected, a competent, skilled, medical professional of your choice is needed! If you have a chosen, Family Physician, then that is an excellent place to start.

      Whether it is SAD, Common Anxiety, GAD. General Anxiety, or a dozen others! If you will listen to what they say, answer when they call for spoken love, Make Effort to try and understand them, You may find you have saved a life!
      Janice  2019  🤗🌷

  12. Anxiety is a real struggle for some people and it helps to have more information on this so that we know how to help. I went through an anxiety attack once and didn’t really know how to deal with it since I haven’t experienced it before. Thank you so much for opening our eyes to this and will definitely look at Panic Away. Would you also be able to recommend essential oils that are good for anxiety? Thanks!

    1. Greetings Raquel,
      The all-time favorite essential oil scent is lavender for Anxiety! If you can massage a tiny drop on your temples it helps especially!
      Some oils I like are Onepure Essential Oils, for you can find them at Amazon, and use them everywhere!
      I care that you had to go through an Anxiety Attack, and like most of us, didn’t know what was happening!
      Thank you so much for your Comment! Janice 2019 ??

  13. Hi Janice, I spent several years working through anxiety disorders. I never knew it existed until I had it. The funny thing is that you might find yourself anxious and on an intellectual level you should have no reason to be. You will hear people say “ Just relax” and can’t quite figure out how to do that. I can say I have a handle on it and after years of therapy, and reading books, and taking myself out of the attacks, my medication is my breath. I have applied conscious breathing at the point of crisis, but most importantly, I practice it as a part of my daily habits. Thank you for this review that  holds such value for people who don’t understand it and feel hopeless. 

  14. Hello Janice, Wow love your story and sorry that you have suffered with anxiety. From my experiences my sister and niece suffer from anxiety to the point that they can not move and start to shake, really don’t know the type; however, I didn’t know there was different forms of anxiety. 

    Also, about two years ago I started a new job as a cashier at a brand new store that was about to open, there I met a young lady that had SAD and she explained to me what it was since I had never heard of that type of anxiety. To me anxiety is anxiety; anyway, the day of the grand opening the managers had to call for an ambulance as her anxiety had increased because of all the people that were in the store. I didn’t see it happen as it unfold but I was told about it after it had happen, felt bad for her but never saw her again. 

    1. Greetings Yasmin, Thank you for your comments and your story about the SAD cashier. ‘As the store filled’, you are so right! A SAD person with that trait can’t stand a crowded room! But not all SAD patients are that crowd conscious.
      Bless your sister and niece for I do feel for those that cope with Anxiety! I do hope they find some help! Because I am Bipolar I have been on therapy and medication for years, but only in the last year have I discovered relief that lasts. I would always suggest they see their favorite medical provider first to see what Type of Anxiety they have, if they can’t move when in an Anxiety Attack! I wish you would update me on them in a couple of months, please? Janice 2019🤗🌷 

  15. This review made me remember a certain stage in my life when I was a SAD patient. Yes,let me call it patient. This condition suddenly came after I became a friend with one of my class mate. Her attitude influenced mine. It was a very difficult situation. I was very fortunate to meet a teacher, Mrs Edward, she concurred the situation for us. She used to imposed on us a public speaking task. After two different events, we learned in a hard way and were freed up from the situation. When it comes to the issue of SAD, I love to volunteer myself to render help for the victim. 

    1. Greetings Stella,
      Thank you for Commenting! If you have experienced a time of a SAD Episode, you may call yourself a patient for you have been ill. How long ago did this happen, and did it ever repeat itself?

      I assure you, a Social Anxiety Disorder child is not ‘freed up’ by forced public speaking even done in the kindest manner.
      May I suggest you had a Type of Anxiety exactly as genuine but not medically the same?
      Your history with Anxiety, and will to help the Anxiety Sufferer, will lead you forward to volunteer with kindness. Janice 2019 ??

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