Many Types of Anxiety

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image of old green gate for my anxiety meditation garden since 1990

Many Types of Anxiety

We know there are many Types of Anxiety, not the least of which is Common Anxiety. There seems to be so much confusion concerning this! Most of us don’t realize there are several Types of Anxiety, and then so many levels of these Types.

For different Types of Anxiety, it will be different kinds of therapy that will work to help the person suffering. Frequently it will be a combination of talk therapy and meditation. Sometimes it will actually require medication to resolve the Anxiety for the patient’s relief.

Anxiety Meditation Garden Gate

The opening picture for this Post is how I picture my Anxiety Meditation Garden Gate. I have had the same Gate in my mind’s eye since 1990 when I was taught to meditate for Anxiety relief. It calmed me then, and it does now. Then I had to find out how from a psychologist but now you can get a recording on Guided Imagery from a store.

With each Type of Anxiety, you will discover upon examination different forms of beginnings and ages of onset of symptoms. Some will present with a certain event for which a precise event can be determined as a cause and possible beginning! This will sometimes be a Natural Disaster (Hurricane, Typhoon, Volcano).

Disasters & Triggers

As likely the event cause be a Social Disaster (War, Murder, Sexual Abuse, Rape, Violent Assualt, Divorce, Torture). And I know, many more, of both kinds, but I cannot list them all!

From events like these, we later realize we have “Triggers”. So, when something frightens, shocks, or hurts us we remember it. When something reminds of it quickly in a way that brings on an Anxiety or Panic Attack, this is designated a “Trigger”. Of course, all Types of Anxiety can result in Anxiety Attacks with or without a “Trigger”.

Personally I have had Anxiety Attacks since the age of five, sometimes three or more a day when unmedicated. But throughout my sixty-eight year old life I have only had three Panic Attacks.

If an Anxiety sufferer has these, they are sometimes said to have PTSD. The treatment for this is therapy, meditation, deep breathing, and often medication.

Ongoing Unrelenting Stress

Then at times, it will be a time in the person’s life from which there was no reprieve from continual Stress! If this ever suits you, you will know it not just a few stressful weeks while you produce that job for your employer. This Stress will be ongoing unrelenting Stress of taking care of the elderly or ill for a prolonged time, years!

Or as is happening to our elderly population now, being plunged into prolonged poverty ill-prepared to cope with the state of their finances. We have our Severe Depression and Suicide Rate amongst the elderly spiraling out of control!

Social Anxiety Disorder SAD

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a more clinical illness Type of Anxiety and different students of Anxiety disagree about it. I must be clear about this. Social Anxiety Disorder is a form of Autism and a patient is born with it. There are ways to achieve high levels of relief but little chance of a cure at this time from Social Anxiety Disorder.

Social Anxiety, that is a form of General or Common Anxiety is different from Social Anxiety Disorder. SA accounts for predominantly 80% of Fears or Phobias of facing groups of people to speak. Social Anxiety is usually Causal by the effect, thus curable. This does take time, patience, and I would insist on kindness!

Aromatherapy is useful for calming the frazzled edges at times! Choose your favorite scent, and let the aroma waft into the room, soothing everyone in there. For Anxiety, the scent most often recommended is Lavender. If you can massage a tiny drop into your temples it is extremely relaxing!

For Aromatherapy

Water – A Natural Remedy

? I want to share with my Readers this article by Barry McDonagh, an international panic disorder coach.

Water Helps Ease General Anxiety!

Water Helps Ease General Anxiety!

Today I want to look at something so simple and yet equally powerful in alleviating the symptoms of general anxiety.

This tip also helps reduce the frequency and strength of panic attacks.

Fresh Drinking Water

Water is a great quencher of thirst but more importantly here -a great quencher of anxiety.

Read all about it on my blog here :

Barry Joe McDonagh

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12 Replies to “Many Types of Anxiety”

  1. I’ve only had one panic attack in my life and it was quite a scary experience. I honestly thought I was having a heart attack, at first. At some point, I reasoned that it was unlikely, since I had no symptoms on the left side of any kind. I’ve always had a relatively healthy heart, too. So the only thing that made sense was a panic attack, since I had been under a great deal of stress. I was tempted to call an ambulance, but I was taking care of my 96 year-old grandmother and if she’d thought something was happening to me, I’d have probably given her a real heart attack. So I basically hoped and prayed that I’d be okay and tried my best to hide my pain and discomfort from her, as she ate the lunch I’d prepared for her. I was doing my best to take deep breaths in controlled fashion and eventually it subsided. I never had that experience again, but it was a real eye-opener and a reminder of how damaging stress and anxiety can be. I notice you mention water as a way of easing anxiety. I would’ve never thought of that, but next to air, it is one of the most basic substances we consume. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Mark! A Panic Attack is something you never forget! I care that you suffered from this experience while caring for someone! It must have been so brave of you to not let on to her! Does your family know what happened to you? So they can praise you for maintaining calm while your grandmother ate? I commend you, and thank you for telling me! Come Read! Janice 🤗🌷

  2. I like the fact that nowadays people are aware of anxiety. Just the fact that we can talk about it is a huge step forward. I remember in my community we referred to people having anxiety as freak or crazy. Instead of trying to understand them and helping them. 

    And yes drinking water really helps to calm down and relax.

    Thanks for this great post.

    1. Adyns, Thank you for your Interesting Comment! Yes, I remember when Anxiety was considered a curse by some! That was back before it was called Anxiety! Thank you Again! Come Back to see me! Janice 🤗🌷

  3. Janice,

    I am so glad that you have found several natural and even medication-based reliefs for your anxiety over your years.  True anxiety, along with other mental health symptoms can be a crippling and often debilitating illness.  Dysfunctional Anxiety teachers us “This is bad. We cannot handle this or will not be able to if we try. RUN” That “RUN” feeling can lead to denial, irritability, anger, loss of social, familial or occupational ability, and really saps the pleasure out of life.  

    This why anxiety is often seen co-occurring with depression.  What I have found most useful with people who suffer from serious or even severe anxiety (regardless of whether it is trauma induced, phobia based, genetic, etc.) is that running away or avoiding the anxiety producing stimulation is often the worst possible response.  It teaches our brain to fear and avoid, make use feel powerless, and often leads to worsening of symptoms.

    I’d urge anyone experiencing serious anxiety or panic attacks to seek support, professional help and utilize many of the above recommendations while doing so.  A therapist or support group is meant to be a safe, unbiased and supportive outlet for you to receive the tools and support needed to face those anxiety producing factors.  

    With practice, you can find reduced anxiety or even relief or remission.  This sounds overwhelming in some regards, but let me give you a basic clinical example.  In a patient who suffers from Agoraphobia (basically social fear, avoidance, etc.) or panic, OCD, etc, going out to the mall seems impossible.  We wouldn’t necessarily make the goal to go to the mall, but instead seeking support, work to first be able to open your front door, and walk outside to the mail box and face the more mild anxiety that would occur in this situation.  If we let our fear of going outside and interacting in this scary and anxiety driving areas overwhelm us, the outlook will continue to worsen.  

    Taking small steps to fight your anxiety does not mean you won’t experience it.  In fact, experiencing it while working with support and tools to cope with it are the key. 

    I love the topics you are writing about, and I pray that we all start to become more aware, more interested in and more accepting of our mental health needs in the future.  

    As a very smart man once told me, “I can’t wait for the day when I say to my buddy, ‘I just got back from seeing my therapist’ and he replies to me ‘Man that’s awesome. I am going to see mine next week!’ “

    1. Hello Ken, Thank you for your informed Comments! It’s clear you are a clinical professional! I like to see everyone in the care of their chosen healthcare provider. This type of basic healthcare is needed wherever one lives, and whatever the general health of the Anxiety sufferer! 

      Please, Come Again! Janice 🤗🌷

  4. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for about 2 years now and I have always thought that there was only 1 type of anxiety

    My doctors have been telling me that I need to speak to someone about this but I am not the type of person that talks to someone and all my troubles go away

    I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression after just one week of pure hell. I lost my job due to the fact that my car broke down on the way, I had a heart attack which was really strange since I was only 38 and my grandma died, all in the same week and I think that my body and mind couldn’t take any more

    I occasionally get SAD (seasonal anxiety disorder) but I never know if it is just the way I am or if it is a seasonal thing

    Do you think if I take up meditation it could help me with all of the struggles that I have?

    1. Yes, Matthew, There is something about Meditation, if done in peace, hopefully in your home, that calms most of us. Start with some Deep Abdominal Breathing, and tell each part of your body to relax. Continue from there, you will do fine!

      By you will do fine, I do not mean You will be healed! I am saying you will be making a good start in Meditation! Healing takes time, I’m thinking Anxiety hit fast and hard and even physically in the manner of a heart attack for you, and you don’t need to Force your body to do anything. but gently move your thinking to the more hopeful side That there is a way out. Now read Barry Joe McDonagh Posts on this Site and mine when you can! Welcome, Janice??

  5. Hello Janice, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. It is really easy to be anxious today as we live in such a stressful time. Just like you mentioned, water is great to help as I always drink 2-3 glasses when I feel anxiety and it works. I work too much and that is the reason for anxiety I think.

    1. Hello Daniel! Thank you for your Encouraging Comment! I am pleased you agree, water does help! Try to pace your work with rest or play times, Anxiety can make you ill, stop it if you can! 

      Come Visit My Site Again Soon, Janice 🤗🌷

  6. Greetings!
    First of all, thank you for this informative post about Anxiety types, and some ways to relief from it!
    I didn’t actually know that Anxiety had many types, and didn’t quite understand the reasons for it.
    Triggers are surely a reason as you mentioned, and especially if it occurred at a young age because I think it will be imprinted in the person’s mind and it will be difficult to remove it or just accept it.
    I believe that finding solutions and ways to ease Anxiety is important, as it can cause problems in someone’s life and future, and I liked the ways you shared with us such as water or a special scent.
    Thank you again for this amazing post!
    Keep it up!


    1. Hello Georgio, Thank you for such an appreciative, encouraging Comment! But, that’s what we are supposed to do at WA! Help and Encourage others! I think you’ve got this right! And you are correct! The Anxiety rate is somewhere around 4/5 of the civilized world, so all the available, correct help we can put out is good! 

      Keep Up the Great Work Encouraging Others!
      Come Read With Me! Janice,🤗🌷

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